AlgaEnergy, a leading international company in the microalgae biotechnology sector, has signed an investment agreement with two new partners: Caixa Capital Risc and CDTI. Caixa Capital Risc is CriteriaCaixa’s venture capital management company (CaixaBank), and the CDTI, is a public entity promoting innovation and technological development among Spanish companies. The agreement signals the entry of both companies into the shareholding structure of AlgaEnergy, as minor shareholders. This represents a significant capital increase that AlgaEnergy and its management team will leverage to strengthen its international footprint, expand its production facilities in Spain, launch new business units such as food and cosmetics, and accelerate its promising product development pipeline of microalgae-based solutions.


Boosting the microalgae biotechnology sector

Microalgae are a diverse group of unicellular photosynthetic microorganisms that can thrive in a wide variety of aquatic habitats, such as oceans, lakes, and rivers. Their biodiversity and numerous applications across various sectors grant them a unique potential to contribute to a more sustainable society. Due to their rapid reproduction rate and the non-competition with other raw materials for fertile lands, they represent an important biological resource.

They are currently being used as raw material to develop biological inputs for agriculture, human and animal nutrition supplements, functional ingredients for cosmetic formulas, or natural colorants, amongst others. Its application in the pharmaceutical, bioremediation or energetic sectors, is also being researched.


United by a common commitment: generate positive impact on society

The agreement represents an important boost for the Spanish biotechnology sector, which enjoys a privileged position in terms of global competitiveness. The union of AlgaEnergy, Caixa Capital Risc and INNVIERTE signifies a shared objective to make a positive impact on the society through business practices that are sustainable, innovative and generate added value.

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