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At our Cadiz production facility, in Spain, AlgaEnergy produces multiple proprietary strains of microalgae for a variety of agricultural uses.

Sustainably produced using CO₂ emissions from a natural gas power plant, AlgaEnergy’s microalgae can be customized for a large variety of crops and climates. The list of nutrients they provide includes proteins, plant hormones, carbohydrates, fatty acids, vitamins, minerals, polysaccharides, carotenoids, pigments, fiber and other natural nutrients.

At our production facility, in India, the products are manufactured under a innovated bioprocess in which molecules of interest are formulated without degradation, maintaining the naturalness of active ingredients.

Our products for agriculture are now available to producers throughout India, China, Japan and Indonesia. Find out more about our product offerings in your region.


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These products help growers in two crucial ways: as biofertilizers, which enhance crop nutrition; and as biostimulants, which offer  balanced nutrition, improve stress tolerance and help control pests and weeds.

Microalgae are found in natural environments everywhere. In agriculture, they serve as a nearly inexhaustible source of plant nutrients that enrich both crops and the soil that nurtures them.

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