On June 29-30, we attended the second annual World Agri-Tech South America Virtual Summit as sponsors. The summit hosted over 700 delegates from 39 countries, representing a diverse range of participants from CEOs, investors, startups, agribusinesses, and farmers and growers. The focus was on the advancement of financial and environmental sustainability across the agri-food value chain in South America. All participants had access to virtual roundtables on a wide range of topics, such as connectivity, farm management, biological crop protection, data interoperability and FinTech, sustainable finance, supply chain transparency, plant-based proteins, ecosystem growth, corporate innovation, and productivity.

Our Regional Leader for Latin America South and East Africa, Fabricio Benatti, led a round table on “Creating the Right Value Proposition for Biologicals”.

The event was successful for AlgaEnergy and Fabricio commented that:

“The participation in this summit has been the most positive for Latin America. AlgaEnergy has been collecting positive feedback from growers and commercial partners in the previous seasons and that inspires us to keep building the market expansion within South and Central America. Additionally, it was a constructive meeting primarily for B2B where we were able to share experiences about diversified sectors by leveraging potential alliances in the future.”

Geovainer Zúñiga, our Regional Leader for Mexico and Latin America North, observed that there were two issues in particular in which the majority of participants had a consensus. First, there is a need to generate local data with the appropriate KPI so that the farmer can better understand the benefits of biologicals. There is also a need to generate better information about product compatibility. In the field where products are applied, we sometimes observe that biologicals are mixed with other products. As a result, farmers and technicians have expressed the need for further practical information on the mixing of these products, while always being mindful to follow country regulations for product compatibility.

We’ve happy to have participated in an event involving such a diverse group of participants gathered in an effort to identify successful models for our sustainable solutions.