We’re proud to have recently participated in our first in-person event since the beginning of the COVID-19 Pandemic at Les Culturales 2021 in Betheny, France. The event focused on farmers interested in innovative, sustainable, and viable solutions to not only improve crop performance, but to adapt their current practices to be more responsive and responsible to climate change issues.

AlgaEnergy was one of 28 other companies present. During the 3-day event, we introduced SynCro™️, our line of new biostimulants based in microalgae developed exclusively for the French market. We’re excited to showcase our innovative biosolutions and establish ourselves as a leader in the fight to face the sustainability challenges that we all face in today’s world.

Throughout the event, there was significant interest from attendees in understanding and adopting new solutions that align with their vision of an operation that embraces both innovation and sustainability.




We engaged with local growers who expressed concerns about the loss of productivity and profitability they have seen in recent years. They seek new solutions that improve their results with a supplier that is responsive to their unique needs.

It’s clear that there is a generational shift in the farming community that places a greater emphasis on sustainable agriculture. We’re proud that our innovative solutions are aligned with transformation towards efficient and sustainable agriculture – we are part of the change.