AlgaEnergy’s successful scale-up of microalgae cultivation processes enables us to put innovative, competitive, sustainable and highly effective products on the market.

We have two microalgae cultivation facilities.

The Technological Platorm for
Experimentation in Microalgae (PTEM), our
R&D center, is located at the Adolfo Suárez
Madrid-Barajas airport.

Our Arcos de la Frontera facility in Cadiz is a
remarkable example of our commitment to
innovation for a more sustainable future. At this
facility, CO₂ emissions from Spain’s largest
combined-cycle power facility are used to
cultivate our microalgae products rather than
being emitted into the environment. The power
plant’s owner is Iberdrola, a world leader in
renewable energy and one of AlgaEnergy’s early

We also have the UPT® (Ultimate Performance Technology) Production Center, dedicated to the production of our range of exclusively agricultural biostimulants.