AlgaEnergy Enters
the Global Stage

AlgaEnergy S.A., a domestic Spanish company, is the world’s first company to unlock microalgae’s full potential for agriculture.

Founded in Madrid, Spain, in 2007, AlgaEnergy S.A. employs leading-edge technologies to create microalgae-based products for the agriculture, aquaculture, animal nutrition, human nutrition and cosmetics industries.

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With the 2018 establishment of its AlgaEnergy N.A. Inc. subsidiary based in the United States, AlgaEnergy is expanding onto the global stage, establishing business operations throughout Europe, the Americas, Africa and the Pacific.

The product line of AlgaEnergy now extends beyond our proprietary microalgae. We will soon debut a unique new class of crop inputs that combine microalgae with plant nutrients and biologicals. We are also at work on a new class of microalgae-based biocontrol and biopesticide products designed to fight specific diseases and pests in diverse markets.

AlgaEnergy Product’s Multitude of Benefits


Natural Disease, Insect and Weed Control


Ripening Control, Disease Control, Disorder Control


Microbiome Enhancement, Nutrient Enrichment


Improves Plant Vigor, Enhanced Greening Effect and Root System